After having worked in many of London’s top sushi restaurants for over 10 years, it was becoming harder to ignore the urge of owning my own restaurant. With the insatiable desire of my best friend, we decided to start our own Japanese restaurant journey and selfishly take our own piece of satisfaction for making people happy.

The story however did not begin 3 years ago. Before moving to London and before we could lay our hands on a sushi knife, two years of our training was devoted simply to appreciate and master the intricate process of making sushi rice. A further three years was dedicated solely to master cutting fish. Every second of our career was devoted to the art form of sushi leading to nothing more but respect for the rich history it represents.

We look forward to warmly welcoming you to explore our carefully created menus.

Our Story

Site acquired


Managed to open despite the pandemic


Survived through the second lock down and opened fully to the public


New and more exciting menu launched


Amazing food. Fantastic sake. Friendly and helpful service

Mark B, 2 years ago

Generous portions, great flavours, fast service.

Matthew H, 2 years ago

Delicious food, great staff recommendations, super saké list. Will go again.

Heather H, 2 years ago